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    Source Image Target Image Result

    Color image histogram remapping with hmap_c.py

    Photographs by Steve McCurry — first is source image, second is target image, third is result

    Source Image Target Image Result Image

    Hmap is a Python script I co-wrote with Anthony Kesich that maps the histogram from one image onto another image. It works for either black and white or color images.

    Example photographs above by Ansel Adams — first image is source, second image is target, third image is result

    A book of 10,000 original sonnets, generated by Sonnetizer from the sonnets of William Shakespeare

    Sonnetizer is a computer program that generates unique, rhyming sonnets in (mostly) iambic pentameter from any text corpus. Sonnetizer was written in Python and uses the natural language processing and generation features of the Natural Language Toolkit.

    Triptych No. 1 // San Francisco // 2013

    Street Chess: My latest, ongoing photography project to capture chess players in action. Stay tuned.

    f/5.6: my photoblog. For best results, view posts in correct order.

    Berkeley, California // August 2011 //

    Washington, DC // April 2012 //

    Washington, DC // April 2012 //

    San Francisco // November 2013 //

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